About Us


Spot On Supplies Ltd as a company was legally registered in Malta in November 2004 and started importing all types of light fittings for both indoor and outdoor use with the maxim of offering quality products at a competitive price.


Today the company,  is one of the leading lighting companies in Malta concentrating on constantly improving living and working spaces with innovative modern design, decorative products, LED and Architectural lighting. We offer a wide range of products and cutting-edge technological solutions. Dedication, determination and passion are the qualities that made Spot On Supplies Ltd what is today - a success story.


Spot On Supplies Ltd intends to reach it's goal by providing the Maltese customers with high-quality products, whilst continuing to cultivate its passion for lighting by collaborating with International brands such as Linea Light Group, Grupo T Diffusion S.A (Vibia), Secom Illuminacion and others.


Energy saving is one of our main missions as we constantly look for best options of energy efficient lighting such as LED lighting… we present 900page catalogue by i-LED an Italian company that is all into LED lighting with powerful led lamps that is possible to have in different options of angles and also light colour for both indoor and outdoor use.

Today, Spot On Supplies is presenting the Maltese public designer lighting that is made from high quality materials by European designer and most of them equipped with LED lighting, the future technology. Our designer lighting is presented at special competitive prices not the usual you find in Malta as our aim is to offer our customer the best possible lines in modern and today’s lighting.