Area Lite

AREALITE was founded in 1989 as a branch for outdoor lighting of ILMO illuminazione, which had been operating in the field of interior lighting for long.

Today it’s one of the most modern and specialized companies in the production of interior and exterior lighting.

AREALITE premises are at Cornaredo, situated in the western area of Milan, and it can be easily reached from the Milano-Torino Motorway and from the so-called ‘Tangenziale Ovest’, as it’s only a few kilometers away from both of them.Showroom and offices are located in a 10.000 square meter industrial area that can contain and handle 12.000 pallets or more. Arealite production strategy is based on three key points: flexibility, efficiency and innovation.The pursuit of these guidelines grants a high reliability in every processing stage, from the choice of raw material, quality of product under a strict control, to marketing logistics and distribution, with the greatest care and consideration for pricing policy.

AREALITE main peculiarity is the delivery of any product contained in the catalogue within 72 hours from receipt of purchase order. A highly qualified Technical Department designs and carries through efficient and modern lighting systems, inspired to the Italian Design and always ahead of the times. All products comply to safety regulations and stick to high quality standards.Hence AREALITE is now a leader trademark in the market offering a large and winning range of product to lighting specialists and something new to customers.

AREALITE products are patented and fully made by internal know-how.New products are firstly prototyped thanks to a device, the ultimate in technology, able to process any drawing into a three-dimensional model, with actual size and clearly defined details.The technical features are carefully studied to grant a long-life product with the best light efficiency and the highest protection against weather effects, and to offer a user-friendly product both during mounting/dismantling and maintenance.

All products are manufactured in Italy and conceived to contain the latest lighting sources according to energy saving philosophy.