LED Lighting

LED lighting is our future, we present to our customers’ large selection of LED lighting manufactured in Europe by well-know Italian company

Linea Light Group under company name i-LED. We have been working into LED lighting for the past 10years and the products that we offer in our showroom in Paola are products made from high quality materials using in some cases AISI316 stainless steel which is the best stainless steel you can use for Malta’s salty climate. 

Led products that emits powerful lighting effects, using best diodes available on the international market to create both architectural and functional lighting. Floor recessed, wall lights, soffit spotlights, outdoor poles, street lighting, cabinet lights, track lighting, commercial spotlights, chandeliers, table lamps and much more are all you can find in our vast collection of LED lighting. 

We are committed to offer the future… 


LED Lightings