Solteco manufactures a product that provides a solution and response to various and serious problems of modern society: plastic waste from urban, domestic and industrial.

At the origin of the company behind two goals clear and persistent, leading the whole argument of this essay to create a new identity: economic benefit and social and environmental commitment, Corporate Responsibility, which is gaining ever greater presence in the business , to get their own space, and even media content on the websites themselves and thought of shareholders and customers.

The company must give back to society part of what it has given him.This is a philosophy of action that has the tools to achieve these goals: innovation, sustainability, research, the pursuit of excellence.

Solteco S.L. Research and development of plastic recycling processes. We provide solutions to the uncontrolled accumulation of plastic polymers mixed, not reusable, that end up in landfills or landfills.

Our manufacturing method INNOVEQ commitment to sustainable innovation and innovative sustainability. Bury this plastic, throw it away or hide it does not solve the problem, it gets worse. The environmental damage is very high, this industrial material takes up to 400 years to degrade. We focus on sustainable innovation, looking for solutions to the situation of overproduction of urban and industrial waste.

Our production department [Solteco DESIGN] has found the answer: through an elaborate process the polymer becomes plastic parts [Solteco PROFILE] with innumerable versatility.

From hedges and fences to poles, street furniture and playground, through walkways, planters, benches, information boards, and a host of finished products [Solteco FURNISHING] bring a new order to the plastic on the ground level of use [Material has completed its life cycle]

Hence our motto: Transform is only the beginning.

Basic Profile [Solteco PROFILE] or furniture [Solteco FURNISHING] of high quality and competitive prices. As a company, Solteco aims to increase profits, but without giving everything the modern enterprise must consider current and comprehensive objectives: Solteco whealth

Our business philosophy encompasses three concepts:
Making a profit-making products SDesign recycled and recyclable, which will be used largely to investment in research and development of waste processing technology.
- To alleviate the damage caused to the environment by consuming minimal resources and optimizing energy expenditure
- Contribute to social welfare recovering environments, redesigning spaces and educating on environmental awareness and sustainable. SWHEALTH
- Extend the path of ecological balance

With the methodology SINNOVEQ anything is possible.